Look on any social media platform, ask in any Pigeon shooting forum, what the best Pigeon flapper on the market is, you will be met with a resounding 'The FF6!'

We are the leading innovators in the Pigeon decoying world. With our range of products, we hope to make your day out in the field more of a success, and although nothing will act like a ‘Magic Wand’, the FF6 flapper can often be the difference between blanking and getting birds to decoy into your pattern.

All our FF6 range of flappers are powered by the new 'Trojan 500' RPM motors, which are virtually bomb proof and available only to us.

The new Pigeon grey colour blends in perfectly with the colour of the birds, to make it almost invisible.

We currently have 3 models of flapper to choose from.

  • The basic FF6 (that would ideally require a plug on random timer).
  • The ‘Rapid DC’, which allows you to set the speed of the flap, and also the duration of the flap time.
  • The 'remote control' FF6. (We've introduced an ingenious extra feature meaning you can now alter the speed via the buttons on the remote control unit, ideal if you shoot corvids and pigeons.
  • And finally... the FF6, 'Combo'. This is our most advanced flapper. It incorporates BOTH remote control AND random timer options which you can select via the button on your remote control. Again you can select the speed in timered mode and remote mode. So, you have two flappers all rolled into one!

Add further armory to your kit

We also have the Autobouncer (Auto-B) and the Auto Riser (AR-1). These decoy systems are deadly in both drillings / Winter rape / stubble and standing / laid crops. They will give you edge in every scenario in every different crop cycle, all year round. They mimic a pigeon landing in to the crop and moving position on the floor. Pigeons have had little experience of seeing this type of decoy tactic, unlike the magnet, which can put off incoming birds.

All our products are hand built here in the UK by experienced, passionate Pigeon shooters in our Sussex workshops. The technology we use to power our products, is totally unique to us. The FF6 (previously the FF5), is now the most sought after, realistic action Pigeon flapper available, anywhere in the world. We aim to keep it that way.

Our customer service is renowned. We offer a no quibble 12 month warranty on all our kit. We are always her to give a first class back up, and after sales help.

See the next level  pigeon magnet in action on this weeks Fieldsports TV! Two flapping FF6 flappers, all powered from the magnets battery with a bit of clever jiggery pokery - Fightline Style!. Thanks to Andy Crow, David Wright and Charlie Jacoby for the unbridled support on your brilliant weekly fieldsports show.