FF6 'Combo' Pigeon Flapper



The FF6 Remote 'COMBO' Pigeon Flapper

This latest FF6 model allows you to operate the flapper from inside the hide .... you can alter the speed of the flap,AND switch between timered mode and remote control operation.

It's two flappers in one!

We have recently added a new feature to this model. By pressing both buttons on the remote control  at the same time, you will initiate the speed adjust setting. The flapper will run continuously, allowing you to use button B to scroll down through the speed range until you have the required speed. Simply press both buttons again and that locks in the speed you have selected. To re-set to maximum, simply disconnect and reconnect the power lead.

You can switch between timer and remote, simply by holding down button B, for 4 seconds, the flapper will take the command by flapping 5/6 times, and will then flap every 8 seconds, for around 2-3 seconds at a time. Perfect for getting the birds attention, without appearing unrealistic.

Price £145.00

Delivery to mainland UK is £9.98 per item. We only charge you what it costs us.


PLEASE NOTE!.. Flappers are sent out the following Friday. I,e a week after they have been added on the website as new stock each Friday

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