The new FF5 Multibird Pigeon Flapper

Flightline Decoys - Always in a flap!

Since 2012, we have been changing the way people decoy Pigeons. Our products are proven game changers. It’s not just about having something flapping away in field anymore. It’s about creating an as realistic scenario as possible.

The movement and actions or the FF6 are as realistic to a Pigeon as you can possibly get. No other flapper gives the shooter the versatility, speed and reliability as the FF6!”

About Flightline Decoys

Nestled in a quiet farmyard, near the foot of the Sussex Sowns, Fightline Decoys have been at the forefront of the advancement of Pigeon decoying since 2012. We are the leaders in our field and technologically, no one can touch us.

Go onto any social media shooting chat room, and ask what’s the best flapper? You will get an avalanche of replies ... “FF5/6 !!! Our loyal following of customers are the backbone of our company. Ee look after them ... and they look after us.

Customer service is of paramount importance. We offer a no quibble 12 month warranty on all our kit, even though being the nature of the sport, it has sometimes obviously ‘had a hard life’!!

We are constantly trying to think of new ways to outsmart the ‘Wily Woody’, and always have something up our sleeves that is being developed.

About the FF6

Afters years of Pigeon shooting and studying how the birds actually look when they are about to land, I reckon I have managed to emulate a landing bird like no other flapper can. The frame of the FF6 is shaped as such, so it literally moulds itself to the body of the Pigeon, with the wings coming up high, behind the birds head, just as they do at point of landing, with the tails feathers fanned out and the wings giving rapid flicks.

The new FF6 is fitted with the latest, and exclusive to us-‘Trojan 500’ (500 RPM) motor, which has been rigorously tested by professional pigeon guides and their clients all summer, who have reported back on a weekly basis that it has performed totally without issues, or loss of speed, even after 8 hour sessions.

The tail spreader now grips the feathers in a wide span. The chunky new motor drive cam is also a new edition.

Finally, we have decided to go for a grey colour on the FF6 to make it blend in even more with the colour of the bird .... it also makes it easier to find in a sea of green foliage!

One thing .... Please remember, all our decoying equipment is built by hand here in the UK. We don’t import cheap foreign rubbish  and just sell it on. And we are not Amazon ,(buy today-get it tomorrow). We do try to get orders out as quickly as possible, but due to popular demand it can take a couple of weeks.


We are delighted to announce that the new FF6 will be launched mid October.

Please call 01444 881994 to pre-order.